Tuesday, 28 February 2012

First "blog" post.

I put blog in inverted commas because I regard blog as a sort of diary. Wherein previous entries I talk about points, I don't necessarily talk about what I did that day, or events that occurred. Get my drift?

Right, so, my day went a little something like...

I woke up at 5am(ish) because I've been ill for the past week and can't breathe properly through my nose. Awake at 5am, I started writing in the black journal about my dream. I like keeping a sort of dream diary, it's  a good source of fiction, fantasy, desires, and creativity.
Anyway, fast forward a few hours of doing menial tasks and I'm getting ready for school, putting on any clothes that I see in my wardrobe first (as usual, I don't dress up for school. I go out often, so I don't dress up much at all, really).

I get breakfast on the way to school, a double sausage and egg McMuffin because they're peng, and arrive very early, about 30minutes before class started.

English class has been getting better since the start of the year, I used to hate it as it was quite basic and things I could do on my own (which, if I could do on my own, I'd prefer doing it ON MY OWN. Know what I'm saying?) but now it's picking up, I'm learning things again. Speaking of learning, I'm going off on a tangent here, but I've been learning a hell of a lot from friends. Talking about a mutual book you've read, or just in general talking about literature with a friend really improves your whole ability in English.
I've just noticed that since talking to prior mentioned friend, my skill has improved. Drastically, actually. Perhaps not in my ability to write, but in my eloquence and clarity in what I'm trying to say. Naaaam sayin'? That physically pained me to type "Naaaam", it seemed so alien.

Anyway, a few English lessons got cancelled because my Teacher is in mourning after a family member of her's died. I hope she and her family are dealing OK, my condolences, Ma'am.

Yes, we call teachers at my school "Sir" and "Ma'am". It was weird at first, but it's a habit I can't (and don't want to) quite shake off now.

I came home and started cleaning up the house a bit, made myself a cuppa and started working on my English piece. Oh, also I edited my new (partnered!11!11) YouTube page and wrote a bit more of my book. My novel. Still unnamed. I feel as though the name must pop out and come to me, rather than I to it. That seems lazy and uninspiring, but I promise, it's really just a feeling you get. This paragraph was tenuously linked together but I want this blog to be like a stream of consciousness. A thought process that never really ends, that links into each post like each new thread in a giant blanket.

TTFN, betches.

Love always,

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  1. " That physically pained me to type "Naaaam", it seemed so alien."

    --I agree but it tickles my sides when i read it. i can play a movie in my head of a person moving them lips with the usual head bob that follows. made my evening

    kisses from texas ;p