Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Thoughts about videos, compliments, and content.

So, today being Friday, Brandon uploaded a video (which I'm sure you all know of) on AGayADay.

Its current top comment is as follows:
 ”Thumbs up if you ONLY watch these videos because Brandon is HOT!” with 73 thumbs up.

This annoys me to no end and all I want to do is yell many incoherent phrases at the people who;
a) make comments like these
b) thumb it up

Let’s go back to the comment which, sadly, is said in a variety of forms very frequently. So, by capitalising “ONLY” in the comment, I see that you’ve made it very clear you’ve basically just ignored everything that was said in the video. Good job. Additionally, the 73 other people that agree and thumbed it up basically reinforce the statement, making it very clear that as it’s the most liked comment, it’s a large portion of Brandon’s viewers that agree.
As I receive similar comments, I just think “HEY, WHY DON’T WE JUST TURN ON OUR CAMERAS AND STARE AT THE LENS FOR 2 MINUTES THEN, EH?!”.

As much as there’s a general view that “Oh, Brandon never properly does a theme.” or “Oh, you could’ve put more time into this.”- videos generally take a very long time to plan, make, and finally edit. Even if the planning is just premeditation, or the making is rushed and the editing isn’t at its finest; it takes time. Frankly, I’m insulted when I receive comments like these, and sympathise towards Brandon as I know he receives a lot of these comments too.

Sometimes I think a lot of people don’t understand that as content-creators, we make videos to say something. As endearing as compliments are, comments previously mentioned really anger me to the point of losing motivation in videos.

Why bother?

Also, I wanted to touch upon the notion of “attraction gets popularity” (or however you want to phrase it). A month or so ago my friend and I were generally searching through YouTube and we would compare vloggers on their content.
We came across two vloggers that both did almost identical videos (which just happened to be coming out videos, how to be comfortable with your sexuality, etc., etc.) but one was vastly more sexually attractive than the other and (obviously) had more subscribers.

Look at the scenario I just described and understand how vexatious it is.

Once more, I’ll reiterate, content-creators makes videos to say something, not to be told by viewers that they only watch because you’re cute/hot/want to “spunk” in your eyebrows.

Did I miss anything?

However, I’m not going to leave on a negative note. I want to thank everyone who comments; about content and… sure, about if my hair looks cute that day. I also especially like it when people find my videos funny and it brightens their day or when people want to start a conversation based on videos’ topics.

Love always,

P.S Yet again, sorry if you read all of this.


  1. Excellently put. I touched on some of the same points in my first post. I assure you I wasn't copying, more a case of this post raising some of the reasons I joined Blogger! (On which note I thank your channel for introducing me to it!)

    Your point about the comment on Brandon's video makes me think of another issue. The 'I only sub to this channel because of xxxxx' comments. I think these are a sad illustration of the anonymity people are able to hide behind on the internet. I don't understand why people feel the need to put down others in order to praise someone. Why not write something along the lines of 'I love your videos, they are the highlight of my week!'. That way you are praising one person without directly insulting others. Being part of a collab I get it too, both for and against and it annoys me equally both ways. I have no issue with people who watch only one or two people on a collab, it's personal preference, but why incite such negativity?

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  3. Sir. Andrew i agree with your post to an extent. That one comment on the youtube channel that seemed to cause you to dive into contemplation, i agree, should of been worded better however not everyone possesses the rapid firing neurons that allow them to open there eyes to see who they could possibly be irritating with there words. Now the part where i (not necessarily siding with him) defend this randoms persons comment is the following: i myself have comments scattered all over youtube complimenting and at times offending others, and i am sure that you and whoever else reads these comments can agree that they have too. Now i dont do the offending on purpose i always try to be mindful of others because i would like for ppl to take into consideration how something would effect me. but at times u just get wrapped up in the moment and dont think. (kinda like when ppl are drunk ;p ) but you state a very good point and i do agree with you. But also i thought and continue to think that u are one of londons most perfected creations and would be a liar if i said me thinking ur cute didnt lead me to follow you and to come to find the profound thoughts that u exert on you blog. kisses from texas