Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A blog, eh?

I feel like I should be putting a really interesting first post about everything in the world and the meaning to life, but I feel like this needs a rather boring introduction. An assessment of pieces to the puzzle, the start of the thread that shall lead into a more complex blanket.

So, this is a blog where I shall be writing things which I don't deem funny (or interesting enough) to post about on my other social networks. For example, I think Tumblr is a place for light hearted fun, YouTube a place to keep points that can relate to many people, and Twitter... well, concise.

I may make videos on my YouTube (which I regard my primary presence on the internet) from these posts if the feedback is good or that I deem it worthy. Think of some posts as a script, of sorts.

That's it, really. I shall be trying to actually "blog" as I find myself wanting to write down what's happening in my life and how things have changed in a short span of time. I'll go into detail about it later.

Goodbye for now.

Love always,

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