Thursday, 1 March 2012

University Post.

Hey guys.
       So I've just finished a whole tub of "millionaire's strawberry cheesecake" icecream and the most accurate word to describe how I feel is "blobby". I feel like a blob. This is what my evening has become.

Right, so whilst eating the copious amounts of ice-cream I was editing my final draft of this English piece that I've just sent off. It was stressful.
The email was sent 03/02/2012. British dating: 3rd of February.
It said in the email that I had FOUR weeks to reply with a piece of work under 1,500 words.

Fine. 1,500 words. It's the 01/03/2012. I should be clear, right? Did they include the leap day? Did they mean American dating? I'm just worrying over it all and it's stressing me out.
Furthermore, towards the end of the email they said they would respond, by latest, at the end of February.

It's March. No response. Regardless of me not sending off my piece, there should be at least some communication right? UGH OK I'LL JUST SIT HERE NOT KNOWING ANYTHING THAT'S HAPPENING.

Hope your life is great. xoxo Gossip Drew.

P.S I tried to keep this short because it's basically me moaning.

P.P.S I'm applying for English Lit & Creative Writing (If you're interested)

P.P.P.S Applying at Nottingham, Hull, Royal Holloway, Aberystwyth, and Middlesex.

Love always,


  1. I'm currently at university studying English Lit & Creative Writing :) I think it's really fun and I love English! My advice would be to get in touch with them or keep on checking your UCAS application.

    Good luck!


  2. i wonder if u ever heard back from them. best of luck Sir.Andrew (blobby andrew)

    kisses from texas :p